Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ever Heard of Eiruv Chatzerot?על עירוב חצרות שמעתם

Eiruv Chatzerot is a special arrangement for observant jews to be able to carry on the Shabbat. Here's an explanation of the various types of eiruvin. The basic requirements that must be fulfilled in order for the Eruv to be rendered effective is that an area must be converted into a reshut hayachid (private domain). This is accomplished via a series of wires and strings that surround the area in accordance with proper halachic procedures. And everyone who uses the Eruv should know the location of the matzah used for the Eruv Chatzerot, and all should realize that they have a portion in the matzah and a right to utilize it upon request.

There are various places that publicize their eiruv arrangements including here, at Seward Park

There is an Eruv Chatzerot at Bet Knesset Ohel Yonah Menachem.

Well, here are some pictures showing Shiloh's new eiruv chatzerot location in the Ramat Shmuel Synagogue:-

Rabbi Elchanan Bin-Nun (second from left) receives ownership of the matzot. On his right is Mashgiach and Rosh Metivta Aryeh Mendlekorn, to his left are Dr. Yeshayhu Bar-Or (great-grandson of Samson Rafael Hirsch, David Rubin and Rabbi Moshe Siton.

Yeshayahu Bar-Or placing the matzot in the specially designed location just below the Ezrat Nashim.

Further in it goes.

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Photos curtesy of Yonah Tzoref.
ותודה ליונה צורף על התמונות